Freefall. Image Steve Tanner.



Current discussions are taking place and applications are in the process of completion for GRIT's next development. The company will be in creating a full length peace of work, a progression from their ACE funded R&D. 

The performance will enhance their relations with past collaborators both in sound and set, display enriched findings from past research as well as performing new and original concepts. 

Grit are seeking out the perfect derelict venues to house this providing duet offering insight into the ambiguous physical and psychological state of male isolation.  


Collaboration on SUM with Designer/Director Myriddin Pharo Lighting, Projection Designer Joshua Pharo, Musical Director Vicky Abbott and Photos by Steve tanner. leading to a visual beautiful sharing taken place in Enys House. 

2017 is off to a strong start! 

Apart from my on going work with DR2, JTPA, Theatre Royal Plymouth, Exim Dance, All Boys Dance and Hall for Cornwall, where are many exciting events are taking place including: collaborations with Panta Rei, London workshops and working with filmmakers.

I have taken the first steps towards creating and establishing new work for my own dance company GRIT

As all new adventures some things are still in the pipeline waiting to be confirmed but this doesn't halt my excitement about this new venture!  Feb 2017

Nov 2017

Grit in support with Hall for Cornwall spent 1 week in London developing the companies work for a Live Streaming event. The 7 days were constructed by Open Online Theatre and held at Ritch Mix Theatre in London. 

This time gave the company further opportunity to develop it's research and performance from their original ACE funded R&D. Resulting in a solo performance B L I N K (performed by Kane John Mills). 

The result was stunning harvesting some of the raw beauty of the duet whilst unearthing new captivating vocabulary.

New skill were learnt through the course of adapting the work for live streaming, and will for curtain be retain for future endeavours. 

April 2017 


My recent Arts Council England application was accepted! This is a massive achievement for me and a huge step in a new and exciting direction, for my career! 

What this means is I will now be running a Research and Development project looking into the physical and psychological states of male isolation, both from the past and the present. 

I will be collaborating with the fantastic composer/musician Benjamin Sutcliffe (the people strings foundation), Mik Weir (Halo Designs), lighting designer Martin Fenton and two amazing dancers Ali Goldsmith (Gay Clark's COAL) and Kane Mills (NSCD). 

Throughout the R&D I will be running a number of opportunities: Open professional class April 5th LA Studios Truro & the 24th Ponsanooth Hall. April 7th Artist will spend the morning capturing the happenings of the company. Their results will then be exhibited on the night of the performance. Youth workshops in local schools and an All Boys Dance workshop in St Austell. 

The conclusion of the R&D project will take place with a live sharing at The Old Bakery in Truro Friday 28th April 7pm. The show will be opened by a curtain raiser performed by A.B.D (All Boys Dance).   March 2017

Dancers Blog From Grit R&D


It’s the beginning of the 2nd week and we’ve had a week off to digest our thoughts about what happened during our first time together. A lot of questions came up in terms of the ideas that we all had around the subject matter and how we were going to interpret it. These discussions were really insightful and helped inform our subsequent explorations.  After the 1st week I felt that we made headway with the movement material which I’m looking forward to further develop. An example of this would be a solo that initially I struggled to structure but thankfully managed to eventually find coherence with. Today has been a day of research about the subjects we have previously discussed, readying our minds to further inform what we are going to explore this week.



Having had time to process Rob, Ali and my first week together it feels appropriate to write a reflection on our studio time so far. After initial conversations around our own thoughts on/ experiences of the key concepts of the R&D we began to physicalise these concepts in various ways. One method to generate material used was taking significant aspects of a flow of consciousness we did and exploring how that would feel if it was physically located solely within our arms, this was an enjoyable experiment as I felt it was created authentically due to its honest source. One of many highlights for me during the week was co-leading professional company class as I found it thought-provoking touching upon elements of physical and psychological isolation in a group context. I am finding it very refreshing working as a part of a company with only two members because the intimacy of its structure allows space and time for personal, real, intricate and emotional exploration with care and support. So far I feel we have only even begun to scratch the surface and I am very excited for delving deeper this upcoming week.