Rob has been influencing the youth dance scene for the last 11 years. His beginnings were rooted in London, teaching weekly youth classes, leading out reach development programmes and recruiting for such establishments as London Contemporary Dance School.

Since his return to his home county of Cornwall, Rob has established his own  All Boys Dance company (A.B.D.), Co-leads Hall for Cornwall Youth Dance Company and teaches across Cornwall and Devon in schools , colleges and dance institutes. 

Last year Robs practise took him to teach in Europe. The collaboration with Spindrift Dance Company, saw the merging of youth dance  companies in Denmark in a site-specific project, linking them with other professional practitioners.


Rob's community practise takes him to every kind of teaching environment. 

Rob relishes all opportunities to choreograph on participants from all differing backgrounds, abilities and age within in the community sector. Offering those who may not otherwise have the experience of performing, both in and out of tradional settings.  


Rob's professional practice continues to see him take lead of technique classes and creative workshops for professional dance companies. 

His classes take root with the strong focused intention on fluidity supported by strength, partnered with the harnessing of the multiple changes of sensations and their energies, that comes with the movement itself. 

His detailed integrated gestures partnered with complex and grounded movement phrasing, results in classes that are both engaging and challenging.