GRIT Dance Company challenges the preconceived boundaries of performance. Presenting work in traditional and non-traditional settings.

Artistic Director Rob Mennear produces distinctive contemporary projects that put humanity and truth at the core of the company’s repertoire.

When Angels Blink.

When Angels Blink.

This short footage captures the result of Grit Dance Company's first Research & Development project supported by Arts Council England. The R&D delved into the complex woven web of male isolation. It was important that all creativity came from a real source, in turn this unearthed truthfulness and human connection to the work that choreographer Rob Mennear wished to achieved. Rob drew from research such as, P.O.W poetry from WII, mental health documentation from early 20th century, discussions with practising Psychologist's, and the company's own exposure to isolation. Collaborations with the dancers, composer, set designer and lighting designer greatly contributed to what Rob had envisioned the work to be at this early stage in the company's development. Grit aim to further establish the work into a full evenings work and to tour derelict builds/structures across the South West.

B L I N K.


In November 2017 GRIT took on an intensive creative process for a live streaming performance opportunity with Open Online Theatre (#oot A.C.E. funded) in London, hosted by Rich Mix Theatre. Supported by Hall for Cornwall, the Artistic Director of Grit, Rob Mennear worked with dancer Kane John Mills to further his research into the physical and psychological states of male isolation. B L I N K revisited GRIT's R&D from April 2017 (When Angels Blink), uncovering new research and generating new responses. The full work in progress can be view at:


GRIT strives to be a contemporary dance company that delves into and performs in a wide range of mediums and environments. 

The companies repertoire aims to be distinctive, with its movement that is both visually powerful, while harnessing truth and humanity.

Collaborating with artists from different skills and disciplines is of high value to Rob Mennear (artistic director/choreographer of Grit). Resulting in events and performances that will invite the audience members to witness and feel a unique connection to the choreography, the performers and to the content itself on a self-conscious level. 

Grit have been successful in their Arts Council England application for a new R&D project. 

This R&D period will allow the company time & space to further enhance & explore their current practice, but it also offers the company an opportunity to investigate & unearth new ways of creating. GRIT, is a new professional dance company based in the South West, that targets unique and forgotten architecture, in which to place contemporary dance. 

2018: GRIT is currently constructing their next application to secure funding. When successful this will see the full-length production of When Angels Blink be created and placed on the Derelict Project.

The work will continue to challenge the perceptions of male isolation housed within derelict structures across Cornwall and Devon. Accompanied by a stunningly original sound score supporting the male duet housed within a devloped thirteen-foot metallic cube frame structure.

2017: GRIT’s first Research and Development project took place in April. This was the company’s first ACE commission, it was also their first collaborative project with composer/musician Benjamin Sutcliffe (The Peoples String Foundation). 

The company's Artistic Director/Choreographer Rob Mennear , worked with two male dancers’ (Alistair Goldsmith & Kane Mills), set designer Mik Weir (Halo Designs), lighting designer Martin Fenton and was supported by Company Chameleon. 

Further collaborations and grow with multiple artists and engagement within the youth and community dance sectors. Future developments into film will cast the companies creative vision across borders, both foreign and domestic. 

The conclusion of the R&D project took place with a live sharing at The Old Bakery in Truro Friday 28th April 7pm. The show was opened by a curtain raiser performed by A.B.D (All Boys Dance).

Grit also ran a number of professional, youth and community programmes. These programmes gave opportunities for those concerned to work closely with the company and expand their own practise.